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The following features come as standard in all of our systems

Prime is our product, as such FiNAO has a product plan to ensure PRIME is kept up-to-date with the latest technologies and features. We replace your paper-based forms, processes and workflow with a digital system tailored specifically to your business requirements. One easy-to-use online system to simplify and centralise your essential business processes.

  • Access to data in real-time, 24/7 from any ‘smart’ device.
  • Automated real-time notifications through multiple channels (email, IM and SMS).
  • Custom home-page communication (plus header and footer messaging) to allow simple, clear and effective user communications.
  • Internal CMS (Content Management System) to generate your own system pages as required.
  • Configurable system permissions and role management to enable self management of system (and data) access.
  • User history/activity tracking to monitor who is doing what in the system and when (providing an audit-able trail).
  • Navigation management to allow you to use your own terminology and sort / group the navigation as your business requires.
  • Online service desk included as part of the support package.
  • Secure, flexible and scaleable cloud hosting (through Amazon Web Services).
  • Cloud back-up of data and source code.
  • Testing and Live environments on a custom URL (with SSL).
  • System training (one-to-one and one-to-group) and online guides (for Admin and users).
  • Integrated QR code generation for instant system / data access.
  • Email tracking allows Admin to see who received emails, when they were viewed/opened and on what device/operating system.
  • Autosave forms to prevent unnecessary loss of data and to enable users to return to complete later.
  • Form history to provide an audit-able trial of who generated, submitted, edited, updated and when.
  • Generate PDF’s of forms to share formatted documents outside of the system.
  • Manage table search and filters to find the relevant data as quickly as possible. Then download the relevant data in a workable format (excel/xlsx).
  • System search engine to find the relevant data, regardless of location.
  • Document manager to ensure the latest document versions are available at all times.
  • Calendar that can be integrated with jobs/projects and/or resource allocation to provide a real-time overview.
  • Maps to allow jobs/projects/locations to be plotted, this can be integrated with the system modules to provide a real-time geographical overview.
  • Rest API to integrate with other systems (send, receive and share data).
  • External user registration with Admin approval and activation to allow non-registered users to request system access.
  • Forgot and reset password.
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