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FiNAO have been working in the digitisation space since 2009 – Assisting organisations with the successful transition from manual, paper based forms and processes to fully automated, smart online management systems.

We digitise offline, paper based forms, processes and workflow into efficient and user-friendly online systems with automatically generated notifications, predetermined automated workflow and real time reporting. All of this customised to our clients specific business requirements.

Our customised solutions are built on our powerful FiNAO PRIME platform, tailored specifically to manage your business effectively and efficiently. Key functionality is incorporated through a modular component system, with features and functions based on our clients specific business requirements. Modules include forms (the data collection component), custom workflow, notifications (through email and SMS) and reports.

Each component generates actions, tracks compliance, ensures accountability and communicates information. We'll work with you to explore how we can take these base components and customise them to improve your business processes.

One easy-to-use online system to simplify and centralise your essential business processes.

Take a look at how we can create an online management system to improve your business processes.